In front of a crowd of thousands, Daniel Clark performed a stirring rendition of “God Bless America” at the 2013 World Series. He performed it during the seventh inning stretch of a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston. Clark, a former U.S. Marine, donned the Marine’s signature service uniform as he sang.

After his performance, video of the event began circulating around the Internet and people praised Clark for his vocal stylings. The clip of the performance posted by Major League Baseball went viral, garnering more than three million views. YouTube user Jacob10 said of the clip, “I am not pro-US by any means (frankly, I have a strong disdain for it) but even I can admit that was a great performance. Too bad the US doesn't actually ask for God's blessing instead of looking upon this nation as a god state.”

Though Clark’s performance was solid, some people criticized Clark and the Boston Red Sox for the way he was introduced as a retired Marine during his performance. According to Deadspin, Clark is a veteran, but he didn’t serve in the military 20 years. He usually performs in Massachusetts state trooper garb and is known as "The Singing Trooper," but because of the number of service members at the game, Clark and the Boston Red Sox thought it would be best if he dressed in his Marine service uniform.”

The Boston Red Sox responded to the controversy surrounding Clark’s uniform by issuing a statement, Deadspin reported.  “As a former Marine Sergeant, we asked him to wear a uniform for the performance. In the writing of his title, we were trying to emphasize that he is no longer active and there was an inadvertent equation of the words 'former' and 'retired' when referring to him."